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Our 17th Annual Walk-a-thon will be held on Friday, April 12, 2019. The route passes through our local neighborhood and businesses, so we need you and our community to to join forces and assist us in raising some funds for our school.

We are walking to support the continuation and improvement of our school programs, such as our iPad and resource program, technology in the classroom, class field trips, and more. The funds raised for this event also support school families in need of tuition assistance as well as provide equipment and books. We are continually working to improve our school and grow our programs.
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  • Grace Salceda
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  • Roxanne Trent
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  • Matt & Tonya Lovell
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  • Monica Rubalcava
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  • Tisha (Anais) Castillo
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  • Lorraine Tahan
$2,745 Raised since March 14, 2019

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  • Kristine Claudio donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Kerri Safavi donated
  • JOSE A Villarreal donated "For Nicholas & Michael Villarreal" - via Ana Villarreal
  • Carl Anthony Hernandez donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Kim and CJ Hernandez donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Cristina Manlapit donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Johanna Vriens donated "Benjamin Vriens, I know you'll run. Oma"
  • Thomas Vriens donated "Go Ben Vriens! "
  • Jenicah Garcia donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Chona Villa-Real donated - via Catherine Villa-Real
  • Taide Espinosa donated "Go Ben Vriens!"
  • GABRIEL RUIZ donated "For Benjamin Vriens"
  • Josefa Colindres donated "Go Bueno Team Go! Daniel & Valentina Your East & Mid West Family is sending you our support, love and blessings!!"
  • Perry Lopez donated "walk Logan, walk, from Tito Pepper" - via Katrina Catoera
  • Angela Glynn donated "This is for Gabriella Paracchini! Keep walking Gaby! I'm so glad you're having fun! Love, Mom and Dad"
  • Carla German donated "We can do it!!!!" - via Carla German
  • GINA VRIENS donated "Go Benjamin Vriens! "
  • Jann Harvey donated "Our appreciation for your integrity in teaching your students to lead with both their heads & their hearts. "
  • Gwyneth H Raimondo Gwyneth H Raimondo donated "Yay, Finn and Lily! Keep on walking. I know you can do it! Jerome." - via Lorraine Tahan
  • Mary Hickey donated "See you are warm up!" - via Ms. Essman
  • Rhodora Araneta donated "Go Team Logan!" - via Katrina Catoera
  • Melvin Crusem donated - via Katrina Catoera
  • Carla German donated "Keep up the good work !!!!!" - via Ms. Essman
  • Cristina Pinauin donated "Good luck to the team. Congratulations James Logan!!! " - via Katrina Catoera
  • Vivian Gueler donated "Way to go Anais! " - via Tisha (Anais) Castillo
  • Noah Tajon donated "Have fun James ! I love you! from your favorite cousin " - via Grace Salceda
  • Grace leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • jose santos donated "Go go James!!!!" - via Grace Salceda
  • Ana Flores donated "Like Rihanna said- “walk walk walk walk walk! " - via Grace Salceda
  • Jorge Balladares RN donated "It’s a bird 🦅 ? It’s a plane ✈️ ? No it’s James walking 🚶!!! " - via Grace Salceda

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